Harold Hensema started in June 2007 as an independent SAP consultant. As of 1995 he accomplished projects for sequentially: Grolsch breweries, Akzo Nobel, Intervet and Wessanen. At Grolsch breweries he started as a SD-MM application manager and as of 1998 he started for Akzo Nobel as a SAP FI-CO consultant. Since then he performed the SAP FI-CO consultant role. As of June 2007 the company Hensema Consultancy delivers SAP services.

Harold is dedicated, efficient, effective, pragmatic and integer. Harold worked throughout his SAP carrier with several SAP modules and during projects he gained a lot of knowledge and experience in integration aspects with FI-CO.

Knowledge and expertise

Harold participated in a diversity of projects with a global character. Next to the core FI-CO knowledge he gained experiences and knowledge of the modules: MM, SD, PP, PM and PPPI. He successfully participated in these module courses. Due to the global character of the projects he gained a lot of country FI specific knowledge of the following countries: US, UK, Spain, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Besides implementation projects he also participated in technical projects, such as: up- grade projects and system merges. Due to this these projects he gained experience and knowledge in the ABAP-, report writer-, report painter-, forms- and SAP scripts tool.

During his period at Intervet he was SAP FI-CO lead consultant and he co-implemented the module product cost planning and product costing with ‘split valuated’ materials (antigens). The whole system landscape was validated. Due to this fact, Harold has a profound knowledge in working in a validated system and experience in the validation process.

Currently and among others Harold is implementing a template project at Royal Wessanen. He implemented first the FI module and later on his responsibility shifted to the CO-module. This system is now ‘live’ and is being rolled-out to other countries.

Harold can work in every SAP environment and next to the 16 ‘ full cycle’ implementation he gained also experiences as application manager. In this role he successfully completed the ITIL course and accomplished this knowledge in the daily system maintenance.

Industrial Experience

Harold Hensema gained SAP working experiences in the areas:

  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Retail
  • Administrative organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


Hensema Consultancy can deliver services during every implementation phase, e.g.:

  • Workshops
  • User or business requirement definitions,
  • Data migrations,
  • Testing,
  • Training
  • Hyper- and after care during ‘ go live’.

Due to his profound ITIL knowledge Hensema Consultancy can deliver SAP services in SAP maintenance projects as senior SAP FI-CO and as medior SAP SD-MM consultancy.

Due to his broad SAP knowledge and his wide IT-network, Hensema Consultancy accompanies consultants in finding, mediate and conducting successfully SAP and IT-projects.